🔝20🇬🇧Introduction to girls’ school: St. Francis Secondary School

It's coming , it's coming⚠️The top 20 girls' schools in the UK are here❗️Without further ado, let's take a look at the 47th issue of our British private school introduction: St Francis's College 💯

SFC is located between London and Cambridge. It takes about 50 minutes to drive to Cambridge. It is very convenient. It also takes about an hour to go to London . ✅This school is famous for its strictness . ✅The results are good . Let’s take a look at the school. Bar 👀

School type✅ : Girls’ school

Date of establishment⏰ : 1933

School size🏫 : 30,000 square meters

School population👪 : 320

International student ratio: 10%

School introduction❗️

❗️The school's facilities are very complete. The dormitories are on the upper two floors of the teaching building. The school also has various sports facilities: swimming pools, stadiums, etc. At the same time, the school also has a professional theater, which is also very friendly to students who want to study drama . ✅The number of Asian students in the school is very small, only about 30 people👩‍👩‍👧‍👧There are about 50-60 boarding students 🏠And the school does not provide weekday boarding or weekend boarding, all boarding students are together.

❗️The school is also very strict about the management of girls. They cannot go out for more than two and a half hours on weekends. Every time they go out, they must go with three or more people. The school is very strict about the management of electronic devices. Cell phones will be collected at night before class. Cell phones will be collected and will only be distributed at specific times ✅The school is very convenient to nearby movie theaters, dessert stations, shopping and other places, all within 5 minutes of walking🚶Secondly , the school does not allow students to take public transportation❌

❗️About 25% of the school’s students enter Oxbridge University every year. The school begins to recruit boarding students from the 6th grade. International students will have additional English support✅ . The school does not provide one-year GCSE and PreA, only traditional Two-year GCSE and Alevel courses ❗️At the same time, students who want to transfer in January are also welcome, but if they are in grade 10, they need to be case by case ✅The school's admission test is the same whether it is GCSE or Alevel. English test, math test and interview are required ✅No logic test❌

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