🔝20🇬🇧Girls’ School Introduction: Queenswood Girls’ High School

I don’t know why, more and more parents are asking me if there are any better girls’ schools in the UK👀It should also have good results✅It should also be close to London✅So today we will take a look at a top-ranked school in the UK The 20-year-old girls’ school ❗️ is also the 55th issue of our British private school introduction: Queenswood School 💯

Queenswood is a private school close to London. It only takes 20 minutes by train from the school to London's King's Cross Station It's really convenient ❗️ The school is also a very traditional girls' school There are very few international students Let's go together below Take a look at this school👀

School type✅ : Girls’ school

Date of establishment⏰: 1894

School size🏫 : 490,000 square meters

School population👪 : 482

International student ratio: 17%

School introduction❗️

❗️Mrs . Thatcher graduated from this school. This school also has connections with some royal family members . Queen Elizabeth’s mother and Queen Mary of England have recently visited this school . The school is a very traditional British private school. Girls' school, the school does not provide one-year GCSE or Alevel preparatory courses ❌The admission time points for international students are: Year 7, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 12 ✅The school's admission to Year 10 is almost closed at present ⚠️If you need 🈸 , remember to hurry up Dropped📥

❗️The school's facilities are very complete and there are many activities✅The school's tennis team is the first among all boarding schools in the UK️⃣I have to say it is really amazing🏆At the same time , the school has its own theater, and the school's dance and drama are also among the best in the country. English Number 1️⃣Number 2️⃣The daily schedule of the school is as follows: all girls basically get up from 7 to 7:30 every day to prepare for breakfast ✅Daily classes actually start at 8:20, and each class is about 30 About minutes Lunch time is at 1 o’clock Afternoon classes start at 2:20 Homework time is from 4:30 to 6 o’clock Dinner at 6 o’clock After dinner, students can freely arrange various activities, including baking or cooking Clubs🍳movie nights📺etc.📍Students can usually go to the library, teaching building and dormitory to do homework✍️

❗️On the weekends, the school will arrange a group trip for students to London to buy daily necessities in the town. This week the school went to the Harry Potter Memorial Hall in London🏯At the same time, the school also has requirements for the use of mobile phones✅Students will have their own outfits . The bag for mobile phones. Before class every day, students need to put their mobile phones into this bag and hand them in collectively during class❗️

❗️I have also made it clear to you about the admission process and tests👂The school requires EAL tests (reading, writing, grammar), mathematics , and interviews for GCSE admissions✅The requirements for ALEVEL are course selection tests (4 subjects), English tests, And the interview ❗️The school explained that IELTS is not enough, you must take the school's English test⚠️ Year 10 admission needs to reach IELTS 5-5.5 points in the test ⚠️ Year 12 admission needs to reach 6.0-6.5 points ⚠️

If you are also interested in this top girls’ school, hurry up and come to Didi👀 There are currently places available for admission in year 10 and year 12❗️

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