🔝20🇬🇧Introduction to girls’ school: Adect Middle School

Zuijin has also contacted many different types of schools If there are parents and students who are also interested in single-sex schools ❗️ Then don’t miss today’s issue ⚠️ Today we ushered in the 52nd issue of private school introduction :Adcote School 💯

Adcote Middle School is a very famous girls' school ❗️The school is located near Birmingham, in the central west of England📍It is an hour's drive from Birmingham and an hour and a half from Manchester✅It is relatively convenient🚗 Let’s take a look at some basic information about this school👀

School type✅ : Girls’ school

Date of establishment⏰: 1907

School size🏫 : 110,000 square meters

School population👪 : 220 people

Ratio of international students: 20%, only 10-15 Chinese students

School introduction❗️

❗️Adcot Girls' School is actually not a selective school. The school still focuses on the all-round development of girls. The school also provides a lot of arts, humanities and weak confrontational courses and activities🧚‍♀️School The sports cao 🤸Equestrian🐎Art performance🎨These extracurricular activities are also more considerate of girls' nature🙋‍♀️At the same time , the school's courses include photography, art and design, and fashion design professional options✅

❗️The school’s environment and facilities are also very popular among students👏The school has two dormitories🏠One is for the upper grades and the other is for the lower grades✅The dormitories have public areas for girls to rest, play, socialize, and the school canteen It is separate . ✅The school has classes 5 days a week. Basically, classes are from 4 to 4:30 every day. After class, students can freely choose to carry out various activities or join different clubs, dinner, and homework time. Then turn off the lights and go to sleep ❗️ On weekends, there is always one day to go out. The school may organize outings to nearby cities, or watch movies, go-karts, etc. near the school. Of course, more parents are concerned about the issue of mobile phones. The school is currently in a state of observation and mobility . Of course, mobile phones cannot be brought into the teaching area❗️ Students in grade 10 and below need to hand in their mobile phones.

❗️The school also pays more attention to science and engineering in academics🔧Basically, 65-70% of the graduates every year enter university to study STEM subjects🎯The school provides PreA or one-year GCSE courses🎬It is also friendly to international students❗️At the same time The school also supports GCSE transfer. Students are free to choose whether to register for the GCSE exam ✅The school currently still has places available for application❗️If you are also interested in this girls' school, hurry up and join us📥

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