🔝200🇬🇧Private school introduction: Cambridge Arts and Sciences Middle School

It’s about to start⏰ Enrollment in September 24th ❗️ Fried Fish also tried his best to sort out enough schools in Zui. These schools have been visited by Fried Fish himself, and then he told everyone about the real side of the school so that everyone can apply. You can enrich your application list📒Today we will take a look at the 32nd introduction of British private schools: Cambridge Arts and Science Secondary School (CATS Cambridge)

❗️ CATS Cambridge is located a little north of the center of Cambridge. It is only a 10-minute drive from the train station and an hour from London. You can take ThamesLink directly to King Cross, London🚄The small city of Cambridge brings together the University of Cambridge and a British private schools🏫Let ’s take a look at the schools together👀

School Category✅ : Mixed School

Date of establishment⏰ : 1952

School size🏫 : 10,000 square meters

Number of students👪: about 200

International student ratio: no local students

School introduction❗️

✅Yes , that’s right, you read that right, the school does not have a single British student, they are all international students, 🇨🇳It ’s about 15%, but don’t worry yet❗️If I say that this school can stand out among the British The private school is ranked 108th (a total of 1,600 schools participated in the ranking). How should you face it❓If I say that the A*A of this school is 71% for Alevel, 74% and 91% for mathematics A*A How should you deal with studying at a Russell Group university ? ❓ This year, 4 CATS Cambridge Alevel candidates were admitted to Cambridge and Oxford There are even more admissions to schools in the QS100🐮

✅The school offers GCSE, IGCSE, PreA, Alevel and university preparatory courses❗️These courses are enough to allow most general high schools to quickly integrate into the British education system✍️Of course , many parents will also choose to complete one year of preparatory courses in such schools ( IGCSE or PreA) to enter a better Alevel school. Of course, these can be applied across the board. It does not mean that if you come here to study, you must continue to study later. College preparatory courses are also gradually emerging. Alevel is easier. Basically, you can pass the exam wherever you study. Currently, the preparatory courses of these schools have direct admission agreements with many universities in the UK. Basically, except for G5, other schools recognize it 💯 (There is no so-called "passing percentage" )

✅The school's facilities are very new. The teaching building and accommodation are interconnected. Basically, you can reach the classroom without leaving home. Classrooms are basically limited to 10-15 people in class. The teaching facilities of this school should be fried fish at present. I saw Zuixin. Cambridge is in the south so it will be very hot in summer. CATS is probably one of the few schools equipped with air conditioning . Each student will have his or her own tutor. The cafeteria is also very new and the food should be quite diverse. , presented in the form of a buffet, with many dishes from different countries. At least I agree with this point. At least their support for international students is very good💯

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