🔝200🇬🇧Private school introduction: Rochester Private College

It’s been a long time since I updated the introduction to British private schools. Welcome to the twenty-third introduction to British private schools: Rochester Independent College ✅The school is only half an hour’s drive from London, which is considered to be in the south of England. One of the private schools💯

❗️Rochester Private School is a school with a difference. The unique campus environment and friendly staff make the entire school feel like a big family. We don't have to wear school uniforms, everyone is on a first-name basis, just like friends. The school is also one of the schools with the fastest improvement in A- level results in the UK😊

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰: 1984 School size🏫 : 200,000 square meters School population👪 : 350 International student ratio: 20%

School introduction❗️

✅The school offers 40+ Alevel subjects, and students can choose 3-4 subjects without any restrictions. Provides one-year A-level courses and Pre-A courses. GCSE has one year of G and two years of G. You can choose multiple subjects during the two years (about 30 subjects can be chosen). There are some minor restrictions on the combination of subjects. English support on the EAL English course is available for international students who want to improve their language skills and prepare for the IELTS exam. The curriculum is developed along with academic subjects. Students are grouped with students of similar levels to make better progress🏎️

✅The school has small class education, and the teaching is similar to university-like research and seminars. Rather than sitting at individual desks, teachers encourage students to engage in critical discussions of different aspects of the topic. The average class size is 8 students, and each student has 6-8 hours per week per subject. All A-Level students have a personal tutor who meet regularly to discuss progress, goals and future ambitions. Students can receive one-on-one tutoring and learning support sessions📖 . In these classes, they can help students with any areas that need improvement. Regularly send formal reports to parents✍️ . If there are any questions or concerns, the teacher will be on call❗️

✅Students live in single rooms (suites). Three meals a day are freshly prepared for students. The apartment also has a comfortable common room with weekly movie nights and other social activities. Dormitory wardens also live in the dormitories. Make sure someone is available to watch the student. The school also organizes excursions outside the school, including visits to London's galleries and museums, visits to Bath and Shakespeare's Stratford, graffiti in East London, walking tours to Brecon's lighthouse, and a stay at Brandhage racecourse. one day. Chess, coding, drama, textiles and film to yoga, photography, running and basketball are also on offer. The school has its own lawns and playing fields and uses the multi-million pound Medway Park sports facilities, which include a swimming pool, athletics track, sports centre, gym and spa. The school also has its own 100-seat theatre. Every year there is the school's own art exhibition.

The school currently still has vacancies for application, Alevel A*B 72%, admission requires passing English test and interview❗️

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