🔝200🇬🇧Private school introduction: Abbey Cambridge Secondary School

This school is not a new thing. You have often seen this school before, but many people don’t know the existence of this school, and they don’t know why this school is so attractive for students to apply . So we also published it separately. The first issue, let everyone see what is going on❗️Today we welcome the thirteenth episode of private school introduction: Abbey College Cambridge

❗️Abbey Cambridge Secondary School is also called ACC. Abbey Secondary School has three campuses, respectively in Manchester, London and Cambridge . But today we will focus on the Cambridge campus, because not only does Cambridge have the best results among these three campuses, it is also good for international students. Support one of the best schools ❤️

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day classes and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰ : 1994

School size🏫 : 10,000 square meters School population👪 : about 450 students Ratio of international students: 35%

School introduction❗️

✅There are many uu who saw this and said that this school is too small and not of much interest😅Don’t be anxious first, read the rest of the articles on Fried Fish, and you will know how outstanding this school is💯Let me talk about what everyone is concerned about first Results: 83% of A*A in 2022 and 72% of GCSE 9-7. Are we just saying that this is not exciting ? Just talking about this academic performance, it is actually better than many so-called private schools. The school is famous for science and engineering. Well-known for science and business, 32% of Alevel students will enter G5 universities in 2022 (Oxbridge, London Political Science and Economics, Imperial College, University College London)

✅Extracurricular activities: Not to mention those sports and dramas. In February this year, I won the third place in the UK in the 2023 Chemistry Race held by the Chemistry Department of Oxford and Cambridge, and Eton College ranked 8th. , Cardiff Secondary School is 5th, Harrow School is 8th, and ranked 1st⃣️ and 2nd⃣️ are the National Mathematical Sciences School and Winchester Public School respectively😅You can think of your own concepts❗️I have to say Bird Food Niubi🤌

✅Everyone knows that Fried Fish has a person who speaks out and is impartial. This school’s support for international students should be one of the schools that Fried Fish does best among so many applications that Fried Fish has received. Fried Fish himself has also been there in person. Visited this school. Let’s not talk about those public schools or private schools that are pre-British. These schools will generally treat you as a British person, but to be honest, not all families or children can accept or adapt. As for ACC, Respect and tolerance, and strong ability to help children adapt to life and study, such as: catering (taking care of ethnic minorities & Chinese food), accommodation, monthly learning reports, small class teaching (8-10 people), Oxbridge preparation class (Interview & PS). The most important thing is that the school will help students register for many different competitions (not for background improvement that requires money😅 ). These are actually good for the children and reassure parents.

There are still available seats Only OPT and interview are required Fried Fish is still free of charge to apply!

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