🔝200🇬🇧Private school: Ickworth Middle School

Continuing with the introduction of new schools ❗️ There is PreA Near Leeds Very large campus Super affordable Continuing with the introduction of private schools in the north ❗️ Today we welcome the 49th issue of private school introduction: Ackworth School 💯

Ackworth is a school about half an hour's drive from Leeds. It is very close to York, Manchester City and Sheffield❗️There are very few international students and the school is super big🏫It is very friendly to international students and the admission time is also flexible❗️Let 's go together below Take a look at this school👀

School type✅ : Mixed school

Date of establishment⏰ : 1779

School size🏫 : 810,000 square meters

School population👪 : 500 people, (Year7-13) 350 people

Ratio of international students: 21%, only about 10 Chinese students

School introduction❗️

❗️The school was founded by the British Quakers. The school is very large and has students of 22-25 nationalities. The number of students staying in the school is about 100. The school also offers a one-year PreA course. This course is also very popular among international students . ✅There are currently only about 10 people in the school’s PreA course. Relatively speaking, the teacher’s supervision and teacher-student ratio are very good👌Students need to learn a lot of English in the one - year PreA course. courses as well as mathematics and science📖At the same time, the school also provides PreA courses in business, design, art, etc.👏 PreA students also need to take major exams in the summer👌 PreA admission is relatively easy . The school provides Password English tests and interviews Yes, you can enter with IELTS equivalent of 4.5✅

❗️The dormitory of the school is also very interesting. The dormitory is directly on the two floors above the teaching building. It is not very good in winter. You don’t have to brave the cold and wet wind to go through the campus to go to class. You can just come down and have meals and classes. The dormitory is a room for 2 people, with a separate bathroom It’s really good 😊 The daily schedule is basically class ends at 4 o’clock, after-school activities from 4 to 5:30, and there are 30 kinds of activities that you can participate in Dinner arrives at 5:30 At 6:30, there is evening self-study from 6:30 to 8:00, and teachers from two different subjects will supervise it👀 Free activities after 8:00❗️At the same time, the school also has strict management of mobile phones . Mobile phones are only allowed to be used in restaurants and dormitories⚠️On campus Cell phones are not allowed ❗️The school will provide every student with an iPad 💻Parents can log in to view their children’s homework at any time, and children can also see their own homework, materials and course schedules📅

❗️The school has many activities, including a table tennis club (the former British Championship champion is the coach), and it is also very good for students who are interested in piano. All pianos in the school are Steinway🎹There are unified activities for students on Saturday mornings. In the afternoon or on Sunday, the school will go on trips or organize movie watching🎬It ’s not too rich🎃

The school's one-year tuition is also quite attractive. The annual fee is less than 40k 💷And tuition, accommodation, most activity fees, and meals are included❗️Currently , this school has places for GCSE, PreA, and Alevel Yes🈸 , if you are also interested in this school, welcome to dd📥

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