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Fried Fish has posted relevant introductions before, but many uu said that the writing was not clear, so Fried Fish will write it again today✍️Aren’t you very fond of fans? Can you be careful ? ❤️Let me talk about a few features first : Art students✅London✅Rich area✅ , then let’s take a look at what this school is like❓Today we also welcome the fourteenth episode of private school introduction: MPW (Ambedde) Middle School (Mander Portman Woodward 6th College) )

❗️Whether it is called AMPW or MPW, you may be more familiar with MPW👏 MPW has three campuses📍 , located in London, Birmingham and Cambridge. Today we are talking about the London campus👀

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day and boarding available Date of establishment⏰: 1973

School size🏫 : 4,500 square meters School population👪 : about 300 students Ratio of international students: 17%

School introduction❗️

Let’s talk about academics first. MPW London campus is characterized by art majors, whether it is fashion management, fashion design, fine art, drama majors, etc. These courses are offered at the GCSE and Alevel stages. The second thing many people ask about is their preparatory courses. MPW's undergraduate preparatory course is recognized by UAL (University of the Arts London), which means that if you study this preparatory course at MPW, basically 95% of you will be able to go to London School of Art. Of course, you can use this diploma to apply for Central Saint Martins (CSM) or London University of Fashion (LCF) or some other art universities. Of course, you can also apply for art majors in other comprehensive universities . This is one of the reasons why so many people consider applying.

✅As for the location and environment, MPW London campus is in South Kensington. Friends in the UK should be familiar with this place. South Kensington is one of the famous wealthy areas in London, surrounded by Harrods department store. Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Imperial College, Royal Academy of Music and many other London landmarks. Therefore, there is no doubt about safety and environment. Secondly, MPW London campus will control the proportion of international students and maintain it in the range of 15%-17% all year round. Small class teaching also maintains teaching quality, with no more than 8 students per class (GCSE At the same time as Alevel), the preparatory courses are taught by MPW and UAL teachers at the same time. The teachers will prepare portfolios with students to ensure that students can be admitted to UAL

✅As for dormitories, it is obvious to all that land prices in central London are high😅And MPW is not a traditional boarding school . Students generally live in student apartments that are only a 3-minute walk from the school, including private bathrooms, small double beds and desks. It is also equipped with a large student canteen to provide students with an open social space, where they can enjoy high-quality food and snacks throughout the day. The top floor is equipped with a sky lounge with a great view, where students can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of South Kensington, London. Just this picture on the cover, it’s pretty good🤘

There are still vacancies at the moment , you only need OPT ✅interview✅ , no other messy things are required ~ Fried Fish is still free of charge ❤️

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