🔝3🇬🇧Private school introduction: Cardiff Senior High School

Here we come~Cardiff~Our dear Cardiff~The Cardiff that parents love so much~ I guess everyone knows which school this school is without us having to tell it ❗️Today we welcome the twenty-fourth episode of private school introduction: Cardiff Cardiff Sixth Form College✅ ❗️Everyone is familiar with CSFC. As for why, it is also the A*A data that is awesome🤙Basically, it has been at the top of A*A in Alevel or GCSE for many years (among all British schools), at least in the top 3⃣️ 🥳This school in Cardiff is actually not suitable for all children to apply for, because Cardiff is actually similar to Hengshui Middle School and Huanggang Middle School. The exam papers are really exam papers🫔, but the results are also really good🤌Let’s take a look Take a look at this school👀 School Category✅: Mixed school, day study available Date of establishment⏰: 2004 School size🏫: 41,000 square meters School population👪: 350 students International student ratio: 75% School introduction❗️ ✅The school offers GCSE/IGCSE/Alevel. Let’s talk about the admission requirements first. Alevel admission requires IELTS 6.5 or higher, and IG/G admission requires IELTS 5.5 or higher. Internal tests are not accepted, only standardized language tests are accepted❗️Alevel admission requirements Take GL logic test (similar to CAT4) and course selection test (difficulty between GCSE and Alevel), as well as drunk interview, IG/G admission, except that there is no need to take course selection test, everything else is the same❗️ ✅There is no doubt about the results. A*A scores for Alevel/GCSE are above 96% almost every year, reaching 99% in 2020. The school is a purely examination-oriented middle school ❗️ To advance from AS to A2, the score needs to be AAB ❗️ The teachers hired by the school must have at least 15 years of rich teaching experience. Most of the teachers are chief examiners and deputy examiners, and some are currently public Exam graders can teach in a practical exam mode, improve students' exam skills, help students choose subjects that suit them, and provide professional guidance for students to apply for universities, so that they can be more confident in taking public exams❤️ Currently, CSFC still has vacancies for GCSE boys, and there are still vacancies for Alevel girls❗️If you really want to go to Oxbridge, IC and LSE, maybe CSFC will give you a certain chance❤️
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