🔝50🇬🇧Introduction to girls’ school: Harrogate Girls’ School

Some time ago, some parents came to DD and asked us to introduce the girls' school, so here we are today❗️Today we will focus on a relatively new series. The top girls' school in the UK💯 also ushered in the seventh private school introduction: Ha Harrogate Ladies College

❗️Harrogate Girls' School is abbreviated as HLC. The school is located in Harrogate, central England, just next to York. When you go to some high-end restaurants to eat, you will see those bottled water or glass bottles with black markings on them. The one that says Harrogate is this place. This place has good mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery🌲. It is also a relatively traditional girls’ school in the UK👧 . The school also provides one-year GCSE, which is suitable for those who don’t want to spend so much time on gcse but Girls who are not old enough to study for Alevel

School Category✅ : Girls’ school, day and boarding available

Establishment time⏰ : 1893 School size🏫 : 90,000 square meters School population👪 : about 300 people

Ratio of international students: 60% local students, 40% international students (there are only about 18 Chinese students)

School introduction❗️

✅The performance of single-sex schools is still not good enough for mixed schools. Parents do not need to worry about this, but the school focuses on cultivating girls to become friendly, harmonious, and cooperative spirits. The school's specialty is music and arts design, with a wide range of extra-curricular activities and a dedicated music house housing a large number of ensembles. The school has four choirs; most girls learn an instrument or two. The results showed that this school performed very well in both GCSE and A level examinations in the Harrogate area. The school's buildings are all antique, which is more in line with parents' expectations of British schools.

✅Many parents are worried about whether more school violence will occur in single-sex schools. Yesterday, Fried Fish specifically mentioned this issue during a meeting with Natalie, the admissions officer of HLC. She said that the school does not allow school violence to exist. Their aim is to teach students how to manage different relationships even in single-sex schools. At the same time, on weekends, there will also be many different workshops for girls to participate in, focusing on transferring the knowledge in books to reality. For example, they will invite photographers and fashion designers from the local art association to come to the school. Provide professional tutoring, even if there are no classes on weekends, students can take care of their blood and spare time

✅Academic aspects are as follows. In 2022, A*A will account for 42%, and GCSE A*A will account for 64%. There are still vacancies in the school🈸️, and we are also applying . We must pass the interview first, and then take the written test (mathematics and English) , CAT4 is not required, UKISET is not required. The tuition fee is also very cost - effective✅

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