🔝50🇬🇧Private school introduction: Xiehe Middle School

Mr. Fried Fish first wishes everyone a happy New Year, good things come true🐰 , happiness to the whole family, and academic success❤️❤️Today we come to the second part of our private school introduction series: Concord College

❗️Concord Middle School, also known as Concord College, was founded in 1949. It is a top boarding school in the UK with a long history, beautiful environment and strong academic atmosphere. Located in Shrewsbury, the most beautiful town in England, northwest of Birmingham ~

School Category✅ : Mixed school, day and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰ : 1949

School size🏫 : 300,000 square meters

School population👪 : 578

Age range of students: 13-18 years old, most of them start from GCSE

Proportion of Chinese students📈: 10%-15%

School introduction❗️

The campus of Kangde College is quiet and peaceful, with magnificent buildings and complete facilities. Students' various interests and hobbies can be fully developed. Students from different countries can be fully respected and cared for. Teachers and students get along very harmoniously.

✅Kant College is located in a rural village in Shrewsbury, which is also the hometown of Darwin. It is a highly academic private international school that focuses on promoting students' "moral values ​​and soft skills of empathy, communication, teamwork and time management" to help students achieve their future academic goals. Over 80% of students achieve grades B or above at GCSE and A Level.

CC provides a British education to a very cosmopolitan community. A predominantly boarding school with 500 boarders, Concord has a proven track record based on small class sizes, personal attention and weekly academic testing.

✅Many classrooms at Conde Academy have stunning views of the countryside. In addition to various music and sports facilities, there is a library with 7,000 books, art studios and the "West End" student social area. The campus development includes a 22-laboratory science building and expanded outdoor sports and recreation space. In such a competitive learning environment, it is important for schools to provide students with strong pastoral programs. This includes mandatory physical education lessons once a week

In the 2022 A-level examination, 49% of the results achieved A* and 81% achieved A*A

Application process❗️

Applications start in September every year. Students in mainland China need to go to the office in Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing to take the exam.

🆓We will provide airport pick - up service when you apply❤️

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