🔝50🇬🇧Private school introduction: Dulwich College

Come on, Fried Fish is here to introduce a new school again. We have recently reached a cooperation with the school. Everyone must be familiar with this school🤪London University, which is very close to the center of London and has great results . Are you excited after listening to it💓 Today we welcome the twelfth episode of private school introduction: Dulwich College

❗️Dulwich College is also called Dulwich College, and there are various translations. 🇨🇳The more familiar one is Dulwich College, because they have branches in 🇨🇳 / 🇸🇬 / 🇰🇷 , but today we say This is their main school in the UK ~ See what attracts you to this school❤️

School Category✅ : Boys’ school, day and boarding available

Date of establishment⏰ : 1619

School size🏫 : 290,000 square meters

School population👪 : about 1,800

International student ratio: 10% international students

School introduction❗️

DC is a very selective school. The admission difficulty that everyone is more concerned about is also explained clearly here. In 2022, Alevel A*A has 82% and GCSE A*A has 93% ❗️Oxbridge admission rate is about 15%, GCSE You need to inquire about the location separately for each year's admission. Most students enroll from 13+ (Year 9). The admission ends in September each year, and the exams start in October. About 140 people will be invited to take the Year 9 exam in 2022. , only admits about 70 people, and the elimination rate is very high. The entrance examination requires: handwritten English, mathematics test, and logic test. If you apply for Alevel, you need the Alevel course selection test. If you studied GCSE before applying for Alevel, you need 14 points ( 8-9 is worth 3 points; 7 is worth 2 points, and 6 is worth 1 point). Alevel only accepts about 40 people every year😅

DC, together with 12 schools including Eton and Westminster, form the British Private School Alliance "Eton Group". Founded in 1619 with a charter issued by King James I, the purpose is to cultivate gentlemen with solid knowledge, strong artistic pursuits, and good manners and etiquette. Today, Dulwich College is a famous private school in the UK and a traditional elite high school with the largest campus in London. In ISI, "Learning Achievements" received a special commendation rating of "Outstanding", and other areas including teaching, dormitory level, management, etc. were rated "Outstanding)"

DC is one of the few large-scale traditional boarding schools in the suburbs of London. It is also a famous boys' school. The school not only retains beautiful historical buildings, but also enjoys the convenience brought by modern buildings. It also sits on a large area of ​​beautiful and open green space. . Moreover, the geographical location is convenient, and it is very convenient for students to study and visit museums, art galleries, zoos, etc. in the city. Since 1990, about 20 students have been promoted to Oxford and Cambridge every year, as well as Duke and Yale in the United States. The school has a large number of celebrities, and three alumni of the school have won the Nobel Prize. This is a particularly proud thing. matter

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