🔝50🇬🇧Private school introduction: Oxford International College

Comparable to Cardiff Middle School, Oxford International College is here❗️The so- called one is Hengshui in the UK and the other is Huanggang in the UK😂This school is also a rising star. Today we welcome the twenty-fifth private school introduction: Oxford International College

❗️ OIC has two campuses. The old campus is located in Oxford, and the new campus is located in Brighton (south of London, about half an hour away by train). The first batch of students will be admitted in September this year. CSFC was introduced in the previous issue, and there are many The classmates were also scared. In fact, OIC is similar to this kind of existence❗️Let ’s take a look at the school together👀

School Category✅ : Mixed School

Establishment time⏰ : 2002

School size🏫 : 80,000 square meters

School population 👪 : Oxford 250, Brighton unknown

International student ratio: 70%

School introduction❗️

The so-called rising star, in the 2022 Alevel exam, OIC won the 1st A*A ranking in the UK, surpassing Cardiff, Winchester, Concordia and other famous schools. The school's admission standards are higher than Cardiff's. And nothing less than 🏎️ what’s said below, take a small notebook and remember it~ Let’s talk about the courses first: Brighton campus offers: PreGCSE, two years of GCSE, one year of GCSE and two years of Alevel courses. The first two require CAT4, interview, and IELTS (4.5 and 5.0). In addition to IELTS 5.5 and 6.5, the latter two also require CAT4, interview and course selection test❗️Oxford campus provides: one year GCSE, 18 months Alevel and Two years of Alevel, the requirements are the same as above ❗️ Alevel requires all GCSE examinations to be A or A* ❗️ After listening to this, are you confused hahaha 😅

✅There is no doubt about the results, because the school is an offer machine. To advance from AS to A2, you must reach at least AAB, otherwise you will be kicked out of the school or repeat AS 🥹 The Alevel A*A in 22 years reached an astonishing 93%. A*B reached 99.56% 💯The school is indeed a purely exam-oriented school. It is all about grades and nothing else. Those who want to enter this kind of school should be students with very clear goals.

✅The school's Oxford campus is currently full, and the Brighton campus still has 🈳️available🈸️ , hurry up❤️

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