🔝50🇬🇧Private school introduction: Millfield School

No. 1 in Sports in the UK️⃣✅ SAT test center✅ Huge campus✅ Want to know what kind of school this is❓Today , let’s take a look at the 61st issue of the introduction of British private schools: Millfield School 💯

Millfield is near Bristol, less than two hours away from London, and life is relatively convenient. Let's take a look at this school 👀

School type✅ : Mixed school

Established in 1935

School size : 1.65 million square meters

School population : 1270

International student ratio: 20%

School Introduction❗️

❗️The school's sports are ranked No. 1 in the UK all year round️⃣The school offers up to 28 sports activities and is equipped with Olympic-standard venues🏆including equestrianism🏇rugby🏈swimming🏊polo🐎hockey🏑cricket🏏golf⛳️and so on. The school has its own horse farm, Olympic-sized swimming pool, various football fields, hockey fields, rugby fields, etc.✅The facilities are super complete😌At the same time , the school's art department is basically in the top 3 in the UK️⃣❗️The school provides very rich art facilities: Art Department (provides portfolio guidance) 🧑‍🎨Photography📷Theater (with 500 seats) 🎦Electric guitar🎸Steinway piano🎹Violin🎻Vocal Department🎤Recording studio ⏺️and so on. Many students with art and music foundation will like Millfield very much ❤️

❗️The school provides accommodation starting from Year 7. For students from Year 10 and above, the school only provides full boarding. This is to ensure that all students can get to know each other . 🤝 The school has classes on Saturday mornings, sports activities on Saturday afternoons, and students can follow teachers to visit, watch movies, do homework, and participate in various club activities on Sundays . ✅

❗️The school will offer PreA courses starting in 2025. Currently, the 9th grade girls' admission in September 24 is full, and there are still vacancies for 10th and 12th grades. Admission does not require UKISET but requires OPT and CAT4 tests and interviews. The school is also an SAT test center. Every year, 18% of students enter American universities✅If you are also interested in this school, please contact me in the background📥

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