🔥Super detailed version in history🇬🇧Guide to stocking up on daily necessities for studying in the UK‼ ️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

The country is famous for its high prices🥲I just arrived in the UK to study🇬🇧The first thing to do after moving into a dormitory or a rented house is to buy daily necessities🙌🏻Don’t be afraid of a small room👌🏻Warmth is the most important💡That’s where to go Where to buy? how to choose?锵锵锵💥The daily necessities chapter of the British Shopping Guide is here as promised🔥🔥

🧻Homeware store

🟡 Argos | A trustworthy home appliance department store 🖥

Argos is a typical "British characteristic" and it is worth knowing about it in advance for all those who come to study in the UK. Argos is the largest online shopping website in the UK. There are also many physical chain stores in the UK. However, one common feature of these physical stores is that there are no products on display📦 ( except for a small number of products on sale that will be displayed)

Argos can be said to be a "department store without products", with cheap and affordable prices✔️There are many product catalogs in the store for customers to browse. Just write down the serial number of the product you like and pay, and then wait for the staff to take it out from the warehouse. You like. If there is no Argos near you, you can also shop directly online, but the prerequisite is that you must have a British bank card before you can pay online💳

🔵 IKEA| The world’s largest home furnishings retailer🛋

International students who have just arrived in the UK may need to buy some small furniture and small items, and they want to find cheap and high-quality items that are easy to carry with them when they move in the future, or to give away when they return home, or even if they are lost, they won’t feel bad. Where to look for it? Needless to say, the best answer is definitely IKEA UK✅

IKEA is currently the world's largest home furnishings retailer. There are currently 18 IKEA stores in the UK, including 4 in London alone. IKEA provides a wide variety of products, covering all aspects of life, ranging from bed sheets, quilt covers, pots and pans, to small items. From towels and teacup hooks, you can basically get everything you will need in your future life just by shopping from beginning to night📦

Here are some tips to save money 💸Enjoy discounts with membership card💎

🛍Daily necessities store

🟣 Boots | British "Watson's" 🛁

What are Boots? You must be familiar with Taobao experts🪄 Boots can be found in all cities in the UK. Founded in 1894, it has more than 2,000 branches across the UK, which is equivalent to the "Watson's" of the UK. You can buy various products inside. Style daily necessities🤩

The attraction of Boots is not only its variety of products, but also their discount area🤤There are often buy one get one free or 3 for 2 activities🤑When you go to the store to make purchases, you will usually get coupons such as vouchers to encourage you to come again Consumption🫱🏻‍🫲🏻

🟠 Superdrug | UK "Wanning" 🛒

This can be regarded as the only competitor of Boots👊🏻It is the second largest daily necessities store chain in the UK👏🏻 It opened its first store in London in 1996. Although there are not as many branches as Boots, the products sold there are also very good👍🏻Some The brand of the product will be different👀

🌟Of course, the editor hopes that everyone will protect their wallets during shopping⚠️Consumption with caution✅

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