100% A*/A school? I was shocked

The second batch of the latest UK Alevel results for 2023 is here!

🏫Mill Hill School

In this year's Alevel exams, more than one-third of students achieved A* or A grades, more than two-thirds achieved A*-B grades, and more than 20 students achieved at least three A*/A grades.

🏫Queen Margaret's School for Girls

In this year's Alevel exams, 100 per cent of students achieved A*-C grades in music, drama studies, art, graphic communications, photography and languages.

🏫Queen Ethelburga's College

In this year's Alevel exams, 79.4% achieved A*/A grades, which is really good.

🏫Cobham Hall School

In this year's Alevel exam, the proportion of A*-C grades has increased year by year, reaching 81% this year. Students also passed the exams in all subjects, and the 100 % passing rate has increased compared with previous years. 100% A*-C grades were achieved in all science subjects. There are also 100% students who have obtained the highest A*/A results, which is gratifying~

🏫Hurtwood House School

In this year's Alevel exams, 52% of the results were A* or A , and 20% were A* , which is currently the best result. 82% of grades were A* , A and B , with eight students achieving three A* grades.

🏫Blundell 's school

In this year's Alevel examination, the school's results have been gradually improving. 54% of the scores were A*/A, 2% higher than last year, 79% of the scores were A*-B , 1% higher than last year, and 91% of A*-C scores were higher than last year. It increased by 1% last year.

🏫King 's Ely School

In this year's Alevel examination, one fifth of students achieved the highest A* , nearly half achieved A*-A , and three-quarters achieved A*-B . The overall pass rate was 99% .

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