🇬🇧2023 concert collection

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

It’s Friday , let’s have some fun today🤓Let’s take stock of the concerts in the UK🇬🇧 in 2023

Chinese singer👩‍🎤

Yoga Lin

March 9, 2023 19:00

📍Eventim Apollo, London

🎵It ’s sad to lie... If you listen to sad emotional songs live and everyone sings them together, will it become less emo?

✨Yoga is a talented singer and sounds better live than the original CD

Jonathan Li

April 5, 2023 20:00

📍Eventim Apollo, London

✨The originator of the love song king is full of emotions


JJ LinJJ Lin

April 30, 2023 19:00

📍 OVO Arena Wembley

✨The Prince of Love Songs really wants to see him playing the piano in a sea of ​​lights 🎹Singing love songs eloquently😭

European and American singers🧑‍🎤

Harry Styles

May 22-June 20, 2023

📍Coventry 5/22 Edinburgh 5/26 London 6/13-6/14 Cardiff 6/20

✨This is a hell of a roll! When he smiles, my eyes light up (starry eyes🤩

Avril Lavigne

May 6-May 10, 2023

📍Manchester City 5/6 London 5/7-5/10

✨Rock n roll online rock n roll, have a hearty wild dance online

Justin Bieber

February 8-March 4, 2023

📍Glasgow 2/8 Aberdeen 2/11 London 2/13-2/17 Birmingham 2/22-2/23 Manchester 2/25 3/4 Sheffield 2/26

✨The wait is finally over for Bieber. The editor has loved him since junior high school. This man is still full of boyishness after debuting for so long!


May 17-May 30, 2023

📍London Cardiff Edinburgh Sunderland

Kpop 🧑‍🎤


July 2, 2023

📍Hyde Park

✨Small concert mode🔴 blink quickly

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