The 2023 master's preparatory courses are fully occupied for majors and 🉑️applied majors

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The preparatory course will start soon in September 2023 and will be connected to the undergraduate/master's courses in September 2024. Which majors are full? Let's take a look.

1⃣️GIC Glasgow International College

Pre-master's degree

management with enterprise and business growth


Finance and management

Financial risk management

financial economics

investment banking and finance

Management with Human Resources

International finance

Management with international finance

Management & sustainable tourism

international strategic marketing

International financial analysis

All business majors, including

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Environment, culture and communication


Global economy

Educational studies

Sustainable tourism and global challenge

2⃣️London International College connects with University of Birmingham

Pre-master's degree


international business


Accounting and finance

Money, banking and finance

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Accounting and finance


Education (comparative and international perspectives)

Education (leadership)

Education (inclusion and disability)

Education (social justice)

Applied linguistics with TESOL


Film and Television

English-Chinese interpreting with translation

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