2024 Master’s Preparatory Program Application Timeline

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

British Master's Preparatory Course The earlier you apply, the sooner The sooner you get the offer So you should start planning and applying in advance❗️

Generally speaking 🇬🇧The application period for master’s preparatory courses is September and October every year , but some master’s preparatory courses open earlier. And after getting the offer Qualifying language scores must be submitted in a timely manner Only then can the admission be considered successful😎

⚠️Pre -Masters in Glasgow Admissions are open every August  There will be a full warning for some majors in October ! So be sure to plan your preparatory studies as early as possible🈸️!

2024 Master’s Preparatory Course🈸️ Timeline Planning

April⃣️ - May 2023 _

✨Understand🇬🇧the relevant master’s preparatory application conditions and school conditions study hard Improve academic performance OK

✨Start preparing for IELTS

✨For students with average English proficiency 🈚️Students with study abroad experience You should also do your homework at this time Choose a 👌 study abroad agency One-stop responsible for your study abroad🈸️

6⃣️month - 8⃣️month

✨Start preparing application materials PS CV and reference letter

✨IELTS battle!

8⃣️month - 9⃣️month

Issue transcripts Proof reading Or graduation certificate🎓 and degree certificate Award certificate Complete final application materials

9⃣️month - 1⃣️2⃣️month

Submit 🈸️ Pay attention to the application in time📮 Follow up with the school🏫review feedback Didn’t pass the language test? Continue to prepare for the language test

🔟month- 1⃣️2⃣️month _

The preparatory examination period is relatively short Some schools may have received offers during this period.  🉑️Choose the school you want to go to based on your actual situation Pay space fee

March 2024 - April 2024 _

The UK visa guarantee deposit is required to be deposited for 28 days before applying for the visa. This time⌚️🉑️Start saving in advance💰 Those who do not meet the language score requirements can also apply for the corresponding language class during this period.

4⃣️month - 7⃣️month

According to the offer requirements Submit final diploma Degree certificate and transcript Apply for CAS physical examination in exchange for an unconditional offer Apply for visa to arrange air tickets in advance Accommodation🏨 Airport pick up ✈️ etc.


Ready to go✈️UK Start a wonderful study abroad journey

This is the timeline for application for pre-master’s degree in 2024 . What questions do you have? Remember Didi us

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