A collection of new British private school tuition fees for 23 years

That’s right, the editor has absolutely no headlines this time❗️❗️According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, private school tuition fees have increased to a certain extent this year📈 . Although the fees have increased, the popularity of private schools in the UK has not diminished. , the British elite still squeeze their heads to send their children to private schools👊🏻 . After all, private schools are still more competitive in terms of curriculum, extracurricular activities, specialty development and interpersonal resources✅ .

The following is the one-year tuition fee for the 16+ stage in the top 20 boarding schools in the UK, including accommodation fees and tuition fees. It is recommended to stay here🐎

1⃣️Brighton College


2⃣️ACS Cobham International School

💰 £55330/year

3⃣️Concord College

💰 £53400/year

4⃣️Cardiff Sixth Form College

💰 £53300/year

5⃣️Hurtwood House School

💰 £52227/year

6⃣️Germany -European secondary school d'Overbroeck's

💰 £51765/year

7⃣️Dulwich College

💰 £51546/year

8⃣️Sevenoaks School

💰 £50757/year

9⃣️Cheltenham Ladies' College

💰 £50700/year

1⃣️0⃣️Harrow School

💰 £50550/year

1⃣️1⃣️Eton College

💰 £49998/year

1⃣️2⃣️Tonbridge School

💰 £49944/year

1⃣️3⃣️Milton Abbey School

💰 £49635/year

1⃣️4⃣️Westminster School

💰 £49518/year

1⃣️5⃣️Winchester College

💰 £49152/year

1⃣️6⃣️Wellington College

💰 £49152/year

1⃣️7⃣️Marymount International School

💰 £48810/year

1⃣️8⃣️DLD College, London

💰 £48800/year

1⃣️9⃣️Caterham School

💰 £48435/year

2⃣️0⃣️Radley College

💰 £48075/year

Everyone also wants to know the latest tuition fees of that school, or 🈸️British secondary school, background✉DiDi

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