Interpretation of the latest Qs🇬🇧 rankings in 23 years

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Interpretation of the latest 🇬🇧 Qs ranking in 23 years is here! Come and see if your school is on the list.

Ranking top100 in the world 🈶️ :

2⃣️ : University of Cambridge➡️Engineering, Economics, Mathematics

4⃣️ : University of Oxford➡️Mathematics , Chemistry, Engineering, Physics

6⃣️ : Imperial College ➡️Science , Engineering, Business, Medicine

7⃣️ : University College London➡️Economics , Computing, Medicine

1⃣️5⃣️ : University of Edinburgh➡️Language , education, mathematics, astronomy

2⃣️8⃣️ : University of Manchester➡️Accounting , Chemistry, Finance

3⃣️7⃣️ : King’s College London➡️Medicine , Media, Politics, Psychology

5⃣️6⃣️ : London School of Economics and Political Science ➡️Geography , Sociology, Philosophy

6⃣️1⃣️ : University of Bristol➡️Sociology , Education, Chemistry

6⃣️4⃣️ : University of Warwick➡️Finance , Computer, Language

7⃣️8⃣️ : University of Southampton➡️Mechanical Engineering , Physics, Electronic and Electrical

8⃣️1⃣️ : University of Glasgow➡️Education , Biology, Medicine, Finance

8⃣️6⃣️ : University of Leeds➡️Media , Civil Engineering, Business

9⃣️1⃣️ : University of Birmingham➡️Languages , Chemical Engineering, Medicine

9⃣️2⃣️ : Durham University➡️Biology , Law, Language

9⃣️6⃣️ : University of Sheffield➡️Geography , Architecture

Compare schools that have improved in rankings in 2022🈶️

🔘University of Cambridge: Qs ranking rises 1

🔘Imperial College: Qs ranking rises 1

🔘University of Edinburgh: Qs ranking rises 2

🔘University of Manchester: Qs ranking rises 1

🔘University of Bristol: Qs ranking up 1

🔘Leeds University: Qs ranking up 6

⚫️Durham University Qs ranking dropped 10

⚫️University of Glasgow drops 8 in Qs ranking

⚫️London School of Economics and Political Science Qs ranking dropped by 7

Domestic recognition of the QS ranking is quite high. If you are more concerned about the school's reputation, Baozi should try to choose a school with a high QS ranking. If you are concerned about the development of your major, you can refer to the professional ranking~

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