I will tell you how to apply for 23fall undergraduate degree in a flat position.

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The application for 22fall is nearing completion, and the application for 23fall is coming towards us with perseverance. So how to apply for 23fall undergraduate degree? This book will tell you everything! Get the offer from 23fall ! Take one hard!

1⃣️About UCAS

There are only five application places per applicant  names not listed in order

⚠️Five applications! ❌Not a school! It means you applied for two majors in one school. That takes up two pits!

✨Cambridge and Oxford You can only apply to one of them

UCAS extra is a supplementary application That is, if you apply for five places and still 🈚️ the offer passes the extra 🉑️ then apply to another school within the specified time. You can only apply to one university at a time You can revise and submit again after 21 days after application.

UCAS clearing is to apply for schools that still have vacancies after extra admission 🈚️ offer 🉑️


2⃣️About time

Here are several important time points

September 2022 The British application channel is open🔛 🉑️Submit application materials

October 2022 to January 2023 🉑️Apply one after another Submit materials to UCAS Oxbridge and the application channel will be closed on October 15 , 22

UCAS extra application opportunities are open from February 2023 to July 2023

May 18 , 23, offer issuance deadline 🈚️ offer 🉑️ Apply through extra and June 8 offer response deadline

Clearing application opportunities are open in July 23

3⃣️About school selection

Since I am an undergraduate The advice here is to give professional priority Choose a good job or a major that interests you ( of course if you have Oxbridge Then choose Oxbridge! 🌚 Secondly, consider the comprehensive ranking of the school Rankings subject difficulty level School location school facilities student satisfaction and language proficiency requirements, etc.

4⃣️About the exam

Take the time to study more questions for the A-level exam in September There is a chance to make up for the exam in October if you have summarized the wrong questions.

Oxford Cambridge Some schools in Warwick LSE have written examinations in September , so be sure to take the time to prepare for them!

5⃣️About intermediaries

Of course DIY is also possible! But considering that many children are just starting to go to college, I still don’t understand many things~ Choosing a reliable intermediary can save you half the worry  A good PS can make the teacher ❤️fuck you instantly🥰  Wang Wanwan’s documents were drafted by a Chinese teacher This can be 100% suitable for students Give full play to the students ' greatest strengths ~ and then polish and revise them by Oxford English study abroad teachers It’s hin 🐮 hin ’s authentic English!

last of the last Many children will complain that they have to pay for UCAS application💰 Coupled with the high tuition fees, living expenses and agency fees Adding insult to injury to an already poor wallet Then please comfort us 🆓Apply ! Protect your study abroad application!

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