Review time points for preparatory application materials for each school in 2024

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍 The preparatory application for 2024 will begin soon. Let’s first understand the application and review time of each university’s materials. ✨Universities under the Kaplan Group This leading global provider of education and career training is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational and career goals. Kaplan Group's review of matriculation application materials usually begins in the spring of each year. 2024 will start around March to April and will not be later than June 6th ❗️Glasgow International College’s 2024 autumn pre-master’s program will soon open for applications🈸️ The battle for seats is about to begin! ✨Universities under the INTO Group This international education organization is committed to providing innovative learning paths to help international students successfully enter the world's leading educational institutions. According to the INTO Group, the review time for preparatory application materials usually starts in the summer of each year. The 2024 review will also start around 6🈷️. From the above data of previous years, we can see that the preparatory college review is in the backend of each school in the spring and early summer🉑️The first to submit the information can be admitted first, and the slots are limited and first to get the first priority🉐️ 🏀Please prepare the following materials when applying: 1⃣️Transcript (stamped in Chinese and English) 2⃣️Proof of enrollment (stamped in Chinese and English)/Graduation certificate, degree certificate (stamped in Chinese and English) 3⃣️IELTS score (if available, please submit) 4⃣️Passport (if applicable, please submit) 🏀In some cases, you may need to provide (for specific circumstances, please contact the teacher when applying): 1⃣️Gap certificate (describe what you were doing from graduating with the highest degree to enrolling in preparatory school) 2⃣️Some special majors require CV, PS, work experience or interview ⚠️This is just a rough estimate, the specific time may vary from school to school. We recommend that you visit these schools’ websites directly or contact their admissions offices for accurate and up-to-date information. Of course, we also welcome you to privately ✉️ us to obtain the specific review time of each major in each school 🕐 ⚠️ We promise to obtain admission within two weeks after submission. We look forward to your joining and create more opportunities together in this new year full of opportunities. possibility.
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