Are there no places left for the British matriculation program in January 2024? !

During this period, many friends came to learn about the British January preparatory course. The January preparatory course is indeed a good choice. It is suitable for students who are too late to apply in September this year. They can familiarize themselves with the British teaching environment in advance and enter university courses faster. Oh, but many majors are currently full. Students should prepare early. Let’s take a look at which January preparatory courses are full.

University of Southampton:

BSc Computer Science

BA Fashion.ion Design

BEng Mechanical Engineering

MSc Data Science

MSc Data and Decision Analytic

University of Glasgow: (Some majors currently enrolled in 24/25 are also full)

Undergraduate preparatory courses:

MA Business &Management

MA Business &Economics

MA Central and East European

MA Economics

Pre-Master's degree:

MSc Management

MSc Finance and Management

MSc Invest.ment Banking and Finance

MSc Quantitative Finance

MSc Financial Modeling and Invest.ment

MSc International Strategic Marketing

University of Birmingham

Undergraduate preparatory courses:

BSc Business Management and related majors

Pre-Master's degree:

MSc Management

MSc International Business

MSc Marketing

MSc Accounting and Finance

MSc Money, Banking and Finance

Friends who want to come to the UK for preparatory courses in January next year, you need to hurry up and apply for the British preparatory courses for free. If you want to apply or know which preparatory majors are full, please welcome backstage.

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