You can still apply for preparatory courses in January 2024🇬🇧

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🇬🇧The preparatory course is a process that allows students to quickly adapt to the differences in Chinese and English education methods❣️

Part of the preparatory courses are basic courses related to the chosen major, and part of them are language courses. They are suitable for students who hope to better connect to undergraduate courses through preparatory courses.

The preparatory course lasts for one year or half a year and starts in September or January every year.

Applications for general preparatory courses are generally divided into two types: school preparatory courses and group preparatory courses ‼ ️

✨The preparatory course of our school: It is established by the university itself. It has limitations in terms of major application. Only some majors have set up preparatory courses. You can enjoy the resources of the university and also participate in the school's written examination and interview.

✨Group preparatory courses: The preparatory courses of most schools are handed over to group institutions, and most of the group preparatory courses can choose to start in September or January . The group preparatory courses have certain strength in teaching management, and the difficulty is relatively low. Most students choose to enter their own school, but they can also go to schools in the same group.

So what are the preparatory schools that will start in January 2024 ?

🔘University of Glasgow Qs81

Arts, economics, medicine, engineering, law and other majors.

🔘University of Birmingham Qs91

Society, law, mathematics, pharmacy , humanities economics, finance and other majors.

🔘Durham University Qs92

Accounting, economics, finance, humanities, law, engineering and other majors.

🔘University of Sheffield Qs96

Law, social sciences, economics, finance, law, natural sciences and other majors.

🔘University of Nottingham Qs114

Law, business, social sciences, engineering and other majors.

🔘Newcastle University Qs122

Biology, pharmacy , business, computer, engineering and other majors.

🔘University of Leicester Qs279

Economics, science, engineering, management, social science and other majors.

✨Start time: January - August three semesters

✨Course content: Professional courses ➕Language courses ➕Academic writing courses

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