UK 🇬🇧Master’s Preparatory Program Application Guide in September 24

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✨What is preparatory course❓

The preparatory course is the transition before students enter the formal courses, giving students a period of time to adapt to different teaching methods in China and the West, and paving the way for the master's degree course. After completing 6-12 months of preparatory courses and examinations, you can enter the master's program if your grades meet the standards.

✨Preparatory courses are suitable for everyone❓

🔘Three -year college graduates or undergraduate students without a degree

🔘Students with unsatisfactory undergraduate grades

🔘Students with poor language scores

🔘Students who want to change their major after graduation

🔘British undergraduate third-class degree students

✨Application Requirements for Master ’s Preparatory Program❓

1⃣️At least a three-year college diploma or above

2⃣️IELTS 5.0 (or need to pass the internal test of the preparatory course)

3⃣️The average score of college graduates is above 70 (different schools have different requirements)

4⃣️Undergraduate graduates with an average score of 60 or above (different schools have different requirements)

✨What application materials are required❓

1⃣️Personal Statement ( PS )

2⃣️Personal resume ( CV )

3⃣️Language test score sheet

4⃣️Transcript , graduation certificate (Chinese and English)

5⃣️Recommendation letters

✨How to prepare for application❓

1⃣️ March - May 2023 : Learn the language and work hard to improve your scores

2⃣️ May - December 2023 : Determine the direction and choose a school, prepare application documents

3⃣️ January - July 24 : Accept the offer and exchange for CAS

Qs top 150 master’s preparatory universities are❓

🔘University of Southampton Qs78

Art design, humanities and social sciences, business, engineering and other majors.

🔘University of Glasgow Qs81

Arts, humanities, business, engineering, medicine and other majors.

🔘University of Birmingham Qs91

Business, education, media, language and other majors.

🔘University of Sheffield Qs96

Majors in business, social sciences, humanities and arts.

🔘University of Nottingham Qs114

Business, law, engineering and other majors.

🔘York University Qs162

Business, law, science, engineering and other majors

⚠️Don’t relax after enrolling in the preparatory course. The pass rate for the preparatory course is about 85% . Only if you pass the test can you proceed to the master’s degree ‼ ️

Master's degree preparatory course🆓Apply , welcome backstage Didi

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