24fall undergraduate preparatory application is almost over, is there anyone who doesn’t know the application timeline?

The 2024 undergraduate preparatory application is about to end, but there are still students who don’t know what materials are needed for undergraduate preparatory application? What is the process? Hurry up and read this cramming article! it works!

🧑🏻‍🎓Who is suitable for undergraduate preparatory courses?

The undergraduate preparatory course is suitable for students who want to enter a prestigious school but do not have satisfactory college entrance examination scores, or whose English language scores are not enough to directly study for undergraduate courses , or who do not have college entrance examination scores / high school sophomores and come to study in the UK. Get into your dream college with one-year courses and transition~

📒What materials need to be prepared?

👉🏻The only materials required are proof of enrollment, high school grades and language scores. College entrance examination scores are not required.

👉🏻Schools generally require IELTS at 5.0-5.5, and schools with a better individual score of 5.0 require 6.0

👉🏻High school scores should be between 60%-85%, good schools will have higher requirements

🕖When will the semester start after applying?

Courses start in September or January of the following year, corresponding to 1-year and half-year courses respectively. There are more schools and majors to choose from in September than in January. In January, you need to complete the preparatory course in half a year, which will be more difficult📈 , yes The language requirements are higher⬆️ , and the advantage is that they will start college courses at the same time as the preparatory students in September last year, and it will take half the time. It is suitable for students who did not have time to apply in September👏🏻

💰What is the tuition fee for pre-master’s program?

Tuition fees are around 20,000 💷 . Tuition fees for humanities courses are lower. In addition, tuition fees for popular schools will be higher, such as the business major at the University of Glasgow.

⌚️What is the process for applying for master’s preparatory program?

👉🏻The earlier the whole process, the better. Many schools fill up their seats very quickly. If you miss your favorite major, you can only apply in the second year.

👉🏻Determine your favorite school and choose a reliable agent

👉🏻Prepare application materials, including proof of enrollment, high school grades and language scores (language can be submitted later)

👉🏻Submit the application and get the offer. If you are efficient, you can get the offer the next day. The places for popular majors in popular schools are limited, first come, first served.

👉🏻Pay the space-occupancy fee within the validity period of the offer

👉🏻Submit materials according to the CAS list and exchange for CAS

👉🏻Preparing for visa

👉🏻Receive the visa and start preparing to leave for the UK

The 24-year matriculation program 🈸️ please close now. Popular schools and popular majors 🔥 will be available soon 🈵️. Students who want to apply should hurry up and prepare. If they miss it, they will have to wait for the next year or choose majors in other schools. I want to 🈸️🇬🇧preparatory , backstage✉ditidi , submit the materials now, if you hurry, you can get the offer the next day~

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