24fall British secondary school applications are open. Advice to all students who apply!

During this period, the enrollment of private schools in the UK has been opened one after another. Many students have already decided on schools early and successfully applied. Congratulations 👏 There are still some students and parents who are still confused? How to apply for a private school in the UK? When should preparations begin? Today, the editor will take you through a few issues that you must pay attention to when applying. Remember to bookmark it🐎stay❗️

⏰Application age:

✨Junior high school (GCSE stage): 13 years old and above, corresponding to British 13+

✨High school (Alevel): 16 years old and above, corresponding to British 16+

⏰Required application materials:

✨Study certificate and transcript

✨Language scores (most British schools require IELTS, some schools may not have language scores, but there is a language test for admission)

✨Application form for the school you are applying for

✨Various award certificates and recommendation letters (if any, you can add points to your application)

✨Introduce yourself (required by some schools)

💰Expenses required for one year:

Domestic students who come to study in private schools in the UK basically use accommodation, because the cost includes tuition + accommodation fees + one year’s living expenses. It is recommended that if you decide to come to the UK to study, you should set aside 40w-50wrmb.

📄Entrance exam:

Most schools have a series of tests before admission, such as English proficiency test , interview , CAT4 logical thinking test , ukiset test , Alevel and GCSE subject test , all or several of the above, the interview is definitely every Every school has it. Examiners understand students and their abilities through interviews. Each test will affect whether students can enter the school⚠️

⏰Application timeline:

📔Find a reliable agent, fully understand private schools in the UK, and identify several schools to apply for

📔Prepare application materials

📔Submit application materials for review by the school

📔After the review is completed, participate in the school’s entrance test and interview

📔After the test is completed, it will take 1-2 weeks to receive the admission notice and pay the deposit

📔Receive CAS before the start of school and apply for visa, preparing to enter the UK to study in September🏃🏻

Through analysis, it is not difficult to find that if you want to apply for a British private school, in addition to confirming the school, there are still many to-do items that need to be completed one by one, and the quota for British private schools is also first come, first served! So everyone should start preparing early if they are sure about the school!

Of course, you have to apply quickly but also apply well 🤔 , ➡️Wang Wanwan Study Abroad specializes in British private school applications. It is located in Manchester, England. It has helped 200+ Alevel and GCSE students get offers from British dream schools! And we will always help students understand British private schools and analyze their school selection. Want to know more about 🈸️British private schools, backstage✉Didi

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