24fall🇬🇧Undergraduate Preparatory Nanny Level Guide👶

I won’t go into details here about why you should study undergraduate preparatory courses. Whether they are general high school, Alevel, or IB students, all students can transfer to study preparatory courses❗️Relatively speaking, it is quite tolerant❗️Let’s find out together Here’s a look at the timeline for those who want to apply for admission in September 2024, and what you need to prepare❗️

Material preparation📕

1. Proof of study

2. Transcript (the best is complete)

3.Passport homepage

4. Some personal information

Timeline arrangement⏰

Preparation materials from June to July: Before the summer vacation, you can issue transcripts of the first, second, and third grade of high school, or AS test score cards, or A2 major exam score cards, IB test scores, etc. The school will begin to formally review applicants' materials in June every year. The school will reserve more than a year and nearly 15 months to prepare various materials for applicants. ❗️You do not need to bring language scores when applying, unless otherwise specified by the school❗️

July to June of the following year: Prepare for IELTS. If students who have not graduated yet need to submit their graduation certificate and transcript later, students who do not have a passport need to submit the first page of their passport. Then you need to pay a deposit to the school, etc. We have teachers to guide you step by step❤️

June to September: Prepare proof of funds, tuberculosis certificate, visa, pay the remaining tuition, book air tickets, book student apartments, and then fly to the UK

School selection: UCL (with IELTS, written application, only high school graduates, AS students), KCL (with IELTS, written application, only high school graduates, AS students), Sheffield, University of Manchester, Southampton, Leeds , Birmingham, Glasgow, Durham, Newcastle and more

The issue of pass rate: Of course, not all cats and dogs can enter this school smoothly. It does not mean that you can go to this school after coming to the UK for one year. All of them need to pass the exam. The pass rate of each school can only be said to be higher in the ranking. The higher, the lower the pass rate, this is for sure, because the school definitely hopes to receive good students, so never say that you can’t eat grapes and say sour grapes, study hard is the right way!

Currently, applications for ING have started in January 2024, and materials can be submitted in September 2024. You are the first batch of students to get offers❤️

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