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Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Although students from 23fall are still in the application process, students from 24fall have now begun preparing for admission applications. Many students have asked Wang Wanwan about matters related to 24fall application. This issue has compiled the most complete timeline plan for everyone.


Understand the basic situation of the school and formulate study abroad plans

This period of time is the process of setting accurate goals for yourself and formulating a rough plan for studying abroad. In fact, the main thing is to give myself a general understanding of the direction of studying abroad. First determine the country, institution and major you want to go to. After deciding on your major and listing the colleges, go to the school’s official website to find out the specific application requirements.

April to June

Prepare all relevant application materials

According to the school's specific application requirements, on-campus is a good time to prepare materials (including school grades, CV, RP, PS, RL). Have a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. It is recommended that students choose professional and experienced teachers to help prepare for this part. High-quality documents will add points to your application! Secondly, you must choose the appropriate recommendation person (a mentor in the school, a leader in the work unit) and complete the writing of two reference letters.

July to August

Make good use of summer time

After fully understanding your background in the previous stage, it is recommended that you make reasonable use of your summer time to improve your background. Including internships/scientific research projects, some of these projects are mandatory application requirements for the school. Even if they are not, they are also bonus points for the application. At this stage, the preparation of application materials has been completed.

Prepare for language scores

After understanding the school's application conditions, determine the language test you should take, and obtain the corresponding language scores that meet the conditions. For example, British universities generally require IELTS scores. Based on your English scores and learning abilities, you can plan an exam plan that suits you.

September to January

Submit the online application and start the application

Students who have prepared sufficient materials are recommended to submit them in one round of application. Since the application pressure increases every year, it is recommended that everyone submit their materials as early as possible.

Apply in phases and adjust application plans in a timely manner

At this stage, you should adjust your application plan in a timely manner based on your actual application situation. Since the application conditions and competitive pressure of each school are different every year, there will be unexpected situations, so you must make timely adjustments to have one more choice and one more path.

The above is all about the full-year time plan and important time points for 24fall master's degree application. Students can save it immediately🌟If you have any questions about the 24fall master’s application, you can contact us in the background✉️

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