What preparations should high school students studying in the UK make before entering the country in September?

I believe many students have already received offers from their dream schools, right? Let Mr. Fried Fish share with us what preparations we need to make before entering the country:

🔘Apply for a visa

The documents required for a visa include:

1⃣️Passport size photo

2⃣️Valid passport & old passport

3⃣️Original student ID card & birth certificate & copy of household registration book

4⃣️Tuition & Accommodation Payment Form


6⃣️Original tuberculosis report

7⃣️Deposit certificate

8⃣️Parents ’ marriage certificate and copy

9⃣️Parental consent letter

🔘Learn local information

You can check online where the school you want to go to is located, whether the public security and transportation are good, and whether there are many Chinese people. We will live in this place for several years, so knowing it in advance can make preparations.

🔘Documents to bring:

✅Original and copy of passport home page and visa page

✅ID photo (one inch or two inches 🉑️ )

✅Tuition and accommodation fee payment voucher

Printed copies of offer and CAS

✅Tuberculosis Report

✅Transcripts & certificates of enrollment and copies

✅A small amount of cash + credit card 💳

🔘Daily necessities to bring:

You don’t have to worry about buying any daily necessities in the UK. However, you can buy them in China with the following suggestions. Buying them in the UK will be a bit expensive.

✅myopia glasses

✅Electronic products (tablets, mobile phones, computers, rice cookers)

✅Electronic accessories (mobile phone cases, mobile phone films, data cables, power strips)

✅Power bank

🔘Course preview:

Many students who first arrived in the UK said they couldn't understand the class at all. This does not mean that their English proficiency is not good, but more due to the unfamiliar language environment, the teacher's speaking speed, accent, or new teaching methods. At this time, pre-study in advance is definitely the most effective way to understand the teacher's lectures. You can check out the recommended book list and free resource website that Mr. Fried Fish has posted before.

🔘Buy air tickets & book airport pick-up

✈️ : You will be asked to fill in the entry registration card and customs declaration form on the plane. If you don’t know how to fill it out, you can ask the flight attendant for help in time.

🚗 : Book the airport pick-up service online, and you can go directly to the school after getting off the plane.

I hope that all the students who will enroll in September will succeed in their studies ‼ ️

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