Are the 🇬🇧 matriculation courses that start in September all filled up so quickly❗️❗️Urgent❗️❗️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Preparatory courses are quietly filled up in September. Some students have not even had time to take a good look at the majors. Some schools have already filled up their seats! Last time I took you to take stock of the full seats of the University of Southampton ✔️ , Durham University ✔️ , University of Sheffield ✔️ , University of Leeds ✔️ and University of Bristol ✔️ . Today I will take you to take stock of the remaining more popular schools. The preparatory course is full, students who haven’t 🈸️ yet⚠️⚠️

🏫University of Glasgow

Most business majors are full⚠️

⬇️Master ’s preparatory program has been completed🈵️Majors :

👉🏻 MSc Management with Enterprise and Business Growth Management and Business Growth

👉🏻 MSc Management

👉🏻 MSc Management with Human Resources Management and Human Resources

👉🏻 MSc Financial Modeling and InvestmentFinancial Modeling and Investment

👉🏻 MSc Financial EconomicsFinancial Economics

👉🏻 MSc Financial Risk ManagementFinancial Risk Management

👉🏻 MSc Creative Industries & Cultural Policy Creative Industries & Cultural Policy

👉🏻 MSc Real Estate Real Estate

👉🏻 MSc Information Technology Information Technology

👉🏻 Mlitt Film and Television Studies Film and Television Studies

👉🏻 MSc City Planning and Real Estate Development Urban Planning and Real Estate Management

👉🏻 MSc Data Analytics Data Analysis

👉🏻 MSc Software Development Software Development

👉🏻 MSc City Planning Urban Planning

⬇️Undergraduate preparatory majors:

👉🏻 MA(Hons) Business& Management Business and management and related majors

🏫University of Birmingham

⬇️Master ’s preparatory program has been completed🈵️Majors :

👉🏻 MSc Management

👉🏻 MSc International Business International Business

👉🏻 MSc Marketing Marketing

👉🏻 MSc Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance

👉🏻 MSc Money Banking and Finance Money Banking and Finance

👉🏻 MA Film and Television: Research and Production Film and Television Research

🏫University of Nottingham

⬇️Undergraduate preparatory courses already🈵️majors :

👉🏻 Physiotherapy BSc Physiotherapy.

⬇️Master ’s preparatory program has been completed🈵️Majors :

👉🏻 Management MSc Management

👉🏻 Business and Management Business and Management

👉🏻 MSc Entrepreneursh ip, Innovation and Management Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management

👉🏻 MSc International Business International Business

👉🏻 MSc Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Industrial Engineering and Operations

👉🏻 MSc Information Systems and Operations Management Information Engineering and Operations

👉🏻 MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management Logistics and Supply Chain

👉🏻 MSc Supply Chain and Operations Management Supply Chain and Operations

🏫University of Bristol:

⬇️Undergraduate preparatory courses already🈵️majors :

👉🏻 BSc(Hons) Business Analytics Business Analysis

👉🏻 BVSc Veterinary Science Veterinary Medicine

👉🏻 BSc(Hons) Accounting and Management Accounting and Management

👉🏻 BSc (Hons)Economics and Accounting Economics and Accounting

👉🏻 BSc(Hons)Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance

The above is the current full situation of undergraduate preparatory courses and master’s preparatory courses in various schools in September . There are also some other full majors that cannot be included in the picture. Now🈸️please take the last train of preparatory courses starting in September🚗 , I think🈸️ 🇬🇧Middle school, backstage✉️Didi , if you submit the materials quickly now, you will get an offer very soon!

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