Answers to various difficult and complicated problems at Alevel✅

It is common for students to not be able to continue their A- level studies😮‍💨For various reasons, it is also common for them to want to change schools or transfer to a different school system. Fried Fish has also seen many students who do not want to continue studying in school due to various reasons. Fried Fish has summarized a few questions You can refer to it, or it may give you a bright feeling 🤔 I hope it can help you 😊

❓I am studying AS now, but I don’t want to continue studying, but I also want to enter 🇬🇧university , what should I do?

✅Actually , in many cases, the Alevel route is not the only way to advance to undergraduate studies. If you are in an international school in the UK, there is usually a preparatory course that you can transfer to. If not, you can come to DD and we will find a school for you, or the university itself. Also available, e.g. Leeds, KCL, Southampton, Glasgow, Sheffield and many more

❓My A2 class has started school, but I want to transfer to another school. Is that okay?

✅Yes , but you have to wait until September. Most of the one-year A2 transfer courses start in September. Few of them start in January. You need to provide AS results.

❓Are there any preparatory courses in universities that accept AS students?

✅There are many, such as: KCL, Leeds, Southampton, Sheffield, Glasgow, Durham, Birmingham, etc. But the prerequisite is that you are over 17 years old when you enroll. You only need to provide AS scores. You don’t need to look at the A2 exam. Chinese is also considered.

❓I have passed the A2 exam, but it is not satisfactory, what should I do?

✅Two methods, either retake A2 and then take the major test again. The Alevel scores can be used to apply for 💯 schools in the Commonwealth and the United States case by case. Either take a preparatory course, a better preparatory course such as KCL (with restrictions), University of Manchester (with minimum score requirements), Warwick, etc.

❓What is the difference between high school preparatory courses and university preparatory courses?

✅The issue of recognition, for example, if you studied preparatory courses in Leeds, can your scores be used to apply for KCL? There is a high probability that it is not possible and will not be accepted. If you studied preparatory courses in some high schools, your scores will not be accepted. In addition to Oxbridge, most British schools are accepted, such as Edinburgh, University of Manchester, KCL, Warwick, Imperial College, etc. That's a big difference

If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can look through the previous 🍠 , there are some 🇬🇧 ​​high school 🆓 applications❗️

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