If you fail the Alevel exam, will you not be able to go to a good school? 😅

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Many friends ask, if I fail the Alevel exam, will I be unable to go to a good university in the UK? Or should I re-study Alevel for another two years and then take the college entrance examination again? No need ❗️ Let’s take a look at a way to go to university in the UK without having to spend two years to re-study There are two situations: domestic candidates and British candidates

Domestic Candidate Version🧑‍🎓

👀Situation analysis: For domestic students who failed the Alevel exam, they can enter the preparatory course for one year in the UK university they want to go to based on the school and major they want to go to. After successful completion, they can successfully enter the undergraduate program of the school. Course

👀Solution : International preparatory courses in various British universities

✅Advantages :

👉🏻It only takes one year to go to a better university💯

👉🏻The application threshold is low, and the score requirements are much lower than those for direct undergraduate study💯

👉🏻You can apply for a place in the school first, and then supplement the language score, so you have enough time to prepare💯

👉🏻There are a wide range of schools and courses offering preparatory courses💯

🏫Recommended schools: University of Bristol ✔️ , University of Glasgow ✔️ , University of Leeds ✔️ , University of Manchester ✔️ etc.

British Candidate Version🧑‍🎓

👀Situation analysis: For students who failed the Alevel exam in the UK, the difficulty is that there is no AS exam in the UK, so there are no AS exam results, only the second-year Alevel results. This situation will be somewhat passive by domestic candidates. The thing is: if you want to go to a good university through preparatory courses, then some schools cannot choose, because many schools do not accept students after the A2 major exam, but only accept students after the AS major exam, such as King's College London KCL, University College London UCL.

👀Solution : British private high school international preparatory program

✅Advantages :

👉🏻There are more high-quality universities where you can choose to study for undergraduate studies, including schools like Wang Ai Man Hua. As long as you meet the admission requirements after completing the preparatory course, you can apply💯

👉🏻The admission threshold is low, you only need to provide recent transcripts, IELTS and attend an interview💯

👉🏻The course content has advantages. 70%-80% of the preparatory course is similar to Alevel. The learning difficulty is low and it only takes one year💯

👉🏻The courses offered are in a wide range of directions, including business, science and engineering, medicine, law, etc. which are very popular in the UK💯

🏫Recommended schools: MPW ✔️ , Abbey College Cambridge ✔️ , CATS Cambridge ✔️ , etc.

If you want to know more about British preparatory school, or want to know more about 🈸️🇬🇧middle school, backstage✉️Didi Wang Million!

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