Alevel has been cancelled❓❗️Studying in the UK has changed drastically❗️

Alevel is currently one of the most widely used basic education systems in the world. According to the latest report from The Times , 🇬🇧 will completely reform the traditional Alevel curriculum system ‼ ️ Alevel️ may be banned by a new qualification certificate ( British Baccalaureate ), which will have a huge impact on university applications.

❓Why reform?

1⃣️Most British students do not have basic reading, writing and numeracy skills.

2⃣️The existing Alevel system is too narrow in scope

There are reports that the UK curriculum is much narrower than that of other countries. The UK does not offer compulsory subjects such as English and mathematics except Alevel .

❓What are the contents of the reform?

1⃣️Plan to merge Alevel and Tlevel into a single qualification ( British Baccalaureate ).

2⃣️English and mathematics will become compulsory subjects

The proposed reforms would make English and maths compulsory before the age of 18 , while requiring students to study a wider range of subjects after the age of 16 .

❓Will this reform have a significant impact on students studying Alevel ?

1⃣️Advantages : Students are bound to learn more subjects. A wide range of subject choices will help students develop broader academic knowledge and skills and lay the foundation for future academic or career development.

2⃣️Disadvantages : Students will study 5 subjects and have to take more exams, which greatly increases study pressure. Not very friendly to students who are not good at math.

❓How will this reform change exams and learning methods?

1⃣️ The number of AP and IB course exams will increase

2⃣️The number of students taking math and English courses will increase

3⃣️University admissions requirements will change

❓Will this reform have any impact on domestic international students?

1⃣️ Alevel mathematics is actually the choice of most international students. The mathematical foundation laid in domestic classes is often an advantage for Asian students.

2⃣️ Alevel English subjects are not too difficult for international students. To study abroad, you need to learn the language and take IELTS. If the reform is implemented, the impact will not be great.

⚠️The specific content of this reform needs to be further formulated, and a final decision has not yet been made.

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