Unsatisfactory Alevel results? Transfer to preparatory school to realize your dream

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The difference between preparatory courses and Alevel is that preparatory courses 👉Students who are unable to apply due to weak foundation in other majors or substandard language scores🇬🇧students studying abroad can meet the application requirements through preparatory studies. The schooling duration is one year and there is no need to apply for ALEVEL through the UCAS system 👉🇬🇧High School Courses 🇬🇧The university entrance examination is based on scores. The university application system is two years and divided into AS and A2. You need to apply for university through the UCAS system 🈶️Five choices

At the same time, if your Alevel results are not satisfactory, you need to apply for preparatory courses before you can enter the university. Some universities have preparatory Alevel score requirements.

1⃣️University of Southampton

AS level 2 C or above

2⃣️University of Warwick

3 AS level grades with B or above


Specific preparatory direction

✨Undergraduate Foundation Program in Science and Engineering

✨Humanities Undergraduate Foundation Course

✨Undergraduate Foundation Program in Science and Engineering

If you are unable to complete A2 in the first year of AS, you need to take the previous three Alevel exams, which require B or above, and the corresponding subjects require A.


Science and EngineeringBiological SciencesLife Sciences

Alevel three corresponding courses BBC

5⃣️University of Bath

Alevel grade CCC or two B's

6⃣️University of Birmingham

As level BBB

A level CCC

After completing some Alevels, you can transfer to preparatory courses so that you have more university options and have the opportunity to enter the top G5 colleges in the UK. For more preparatory courses applications, please close 🐷 and backstage si ✉️us ~

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