Unsatisfactory Alevel results? Transfer to preparatory school to realize your dream

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍 The difference between preparatory courses and Alevel is that preparatory courses👉Students who are unable to apply due to weak foundation in other majors or substandard language scores🇬🇧can pass preparatory coursesxi and meet the application requirements. The academic duration is one year and they do not need to apply for ALEVEL through the UCAS system👉🇬🇧 High school courses🇬🇧The university entrance examination is based on scores. The university application system is two years and divided into AS and A2. You need to apply for university through the UCAS system🈶Five choices At the same time, if your Alevel results are not satisfactory, you will need to apply for preparatory courses before you can enter the university. Some universities have preparatory Alevel score requirements. Many students may have misunderstandings about taking preparatory courses. Let’s talk about the benefits of taking preparatory courses and the total cost. 1⃣️Improve your English level Preparatory courses usually provide an in-depth exploration of English and enhance students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 2⃣️Adapt to British culture The Foundation Year provides students with the opportunity to adapt to British life and culture and learn about local customs and traditions. 3⃣️Make up the knowledge gap caused by cultural differences There is a big difference between the British and 🇨🇳 education systems, and preparatory education can provide students with a transition. Allow students to better adapt to the British academic environment, academic standards and academic methods. ✨At the same time, different preparatory schools also have different characteristics. When choosing a preparatory school, you must make a good positioning. KCL matriculation The largest preparatory course, with a large number of Chinese students...it is really 💰 recognized by G5, and is free of IELTS application and 🈚️ written test interview Sharing school facilities with undergraduates has few class hours (only 16 hours per week), and the rest is self-study time SOAS Foundation Students who like to enter UCL should not miss the established preparatory program! Can be exempted from the written test and interview based on qualified IELTS. Majors are limited to liberal arts and business. Manchester Foundation The University of Manchester has two preparatory courses. This school only has science, engineering, business and other majors offered by INTO. ✨Finally, let’s talk about the one-year expenses during the preparatory period (frugality depends on the person) 1⃣️For British undergraduate preparatory courses, the annual preparatory course fees are approximately 💰91,000 yuan to 160,000 yuan. Accommodation costs 2⃣️It costs about 5,400 yuan to 7,200 yuan a month, and London is the most expensive. 3⃣️Many students cook their own meals in order to save money, and they need 1,300 to 1,800 yuan on food every month. 4⃣️Daily necessities and transportation expenses, these miscellaneous expenses are about 💰3000-5000 yuan per month The above are the answers about the 🇬🇧 preparatory course. If you need to apply for the preparatory course, you can come to us. Submit the materials now and you can get an offer 🉐️in 2⃣️ weeks!
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