🇬🇧DLD London High School Study Experience

This time we invited student L from DLD College London👏, who is currently studying Digital Media at King 's College London🤪

🈸️Application background:
Hong Kong Yew Chung International High School IGCSE, 3 subjects A and 5 subjects B ✅Apply for British Alevel

Q: What made you want to go to DLD London?

A: Because I loved London at first, and the only high schools in central London that I could choose from were MPW, DLD, and EF. I personally didn’t really like going to study in that kind of village because it was too depressing. I prefer to be in a big city. Then I also browsed a lot of pictures and information about these three schools, and I thought it was DLD. It was right❗️ . It is next to the London Eye, and directly opposite the school is Big Ben🎡 and the Houses of Parliament🤌 .

Q: What subjects did you choose for your Alevel? is it hard?

A: Mathematics, economics, physics, computer💻 . Generally speaking, it's not bad. It's not difficult. I won't worry about my scores or not be able to keep up. The teachers are very strict in studying, but the school prefers double sure and triple sure. I'm sure you will. There is no problem in study and life.

Q: Why didn’t you study A2 instead of studying their preparatory course?

A: Because my math score was two points behind, I couldn't advance to their A2, because as we all know, if you advance from AS to A2, you need at least 3 B's to advance😭 .

Q: What do you think of your experience at this school?

A: Generally speaking, I would say that I am quite satisfied. Later, I also got admitted to KCL. The overall feeling of this school to me is that it is easy on entry and strict on exit . The teachers there are indeed very capable and experienced . When I was applying for university, there was a dedicated person👍 to help us with the personal statement, which was relatively smooth🤙 . As for London, because the school is in the city center, life is actually very convenient, but if the teaching staff is good, I think it is comparable to many high schools. .

Q: Is there anything you want to tell your future junior brothers and sisters?

A : Going to high school requires self-discipline and tolerance. Enjoy life in London. You will find that London is really different. I hope you can all get into a good university and study the major you want to study❤️

Okay, I’ll share my study experience here. We at DLD accept applications and provide airport pick-up services✈️ . If you want to enroll in September 2023, what are you still hesitating about ?

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