Interpretation of ISC Annual Report

❓What is ISC ?

❗️ Independent School Council British Independent Schools Association. Founded in 1974 , it brings together 7 private school associations representing nearly 1,400 private schools. It conducts surveys on member schools every year and releases a latest inspection report.

A great interpretation of the 2023 private school annual report~

🔘This year ISC member associations completed a survey at 1,395 schools in the UK, covering 554,243 students. The report shows the admission rates of private schools and universities in the UK, the proportion of international students, the proportion of A Level results, and the average tuition fees between schools cooperation, etc. These include 261 high schools and 639 junior high schools.

🔘The scale of British private schools continues to expand and grow

ISC currently has 1,395 member schools with a total of 554,243 students enrolled, an increase from 544,316 students in 2022 . There are 110,211 new students enrolled this academic year, an increase from 109,795 in 2022 . In 2023, non-British students studying in ISC schools accounted for 11.2% of the total number of ISC students.

🔘 ISC private schools have even better academic results

Judging from A Level results, private school students outperform public school students in many subjects. For example, mathematics, natural sciences and foreign languages. Two-thirds of independent school students achieved A*A grades in French and Spanish, and nearly three-quarters achieved A* or A grades.

🔘The admission rate of Youxiu University is higher

Among students who choose to continue studying at university, 92% are enrolled in universities in the UK, and 50% of them enter the top 25 universities.

🔘The number of boarding students in private schools has increased

The number of boarding students is 66,325 , accounting for 12% of the total number of students, an increase from 65,232 students last year.

🔘International student ratio

Students from mainland China make up the largest number of international students, with 8,744 , followed by Hong Kong with 8,011 and Taiwan with 157 . The report notes that the number of students from Hong Kong and mainland China continues to grow, while the number of international students with parents in the UK, such as Hong Kong students, increased by 53% to 2,357 , and students from mainland China increased by 29% to 4,038 .

🔘Increased cooperation between private schools and public schools

Cooperation activities between schools increased from 6,963 last year to 8,793 this year, an increase of 26% . The number of schools with at least one local partnership increased by 11% , from 936 last year to 1,043 this year, with three quarters of ISC schools participating in partnership activities.

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