Kaplan Group matriculation application guide, save it and save it!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory education.

Kaplan is one of the largest education groups in the UK. It cooperates with many universities in the UK to provide undergraduate preparatory and master's preparatory courses, including many of the world's top 100 universities🏫 . For those who do not meet the undergraduate or master's requirements for admission to the corresponding university Students are provided with half-year to one-year preparatory courses📒 , and upon completion, they can enter the corresponding university.

Kaplan preparatory courses have many benefits , let Wang Wanwan list them:

➡️ Provides junior college students, students without degree certificates, and high school sophomores with the opportunity to enter prestigious British universities

➡️There are courses starting in September and January of the following year, and the time is flexible

➡️The degree obtained by other students who study directly for undergraduate or master's degree without preparatory courses is the same.

➡️The language proficiency requirement is not high, and you can apply first and then supplement the language proficiency.

➡️There are many good schools in the UK to choose from, providing some students with a good opportunity to improve their academic qualifications💯

Partner schools🏫

🏫University of Bristol

✨World Ranking: 55

✨Advantage majors: Accounting and Finance, Biological Sciences, Business and Management Studies, Chemistry

💰Tuition fee: around £22,000

🏫University of Glasgow

✨World Ranking: 76

✨Advantage majors: Accounting and Finance, Aerospace Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Science

💰Tuition fee: £24880-£27290

🏫University of Birmingham

✨World Ranking: 84

✨Advantage majors: Accounting and Finance, Chemical Engineering, Education, Materials Engineering

💰Tuition fee: around £21,000

🏫University of Nottingham

✨World Ranking: 96

✨Advantage majors: Agriculture and Agroforestry, Chemical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Media

💰Tuition fee: around £16,000

🏫Queen Mary, University of London

✨World ranking: 145

✨Advantage majors: Materials Technology, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering, Yao Science, Economics

💰Tuition fee: around £15,000

🏫University of York

✨World ranking: 167

✨Advantage majors: Archeology, English, Chemistry, Psychology

💰Tuition fee: around £21,000

The above is the preparatory introduction to the good schools in the Kaplan Group. You can apply first and then supplement the language score. At the same time, you can also hold a place without language score after receiving the offer. The majors in each school have quotas. Currently, some majors in September 24 are already full🏃🏻 . You can reserve a seat first🈸️ while seats are full. Want to 🈸️ British preparatory course, backstage ✉Didi , submit the materials now, if you hurry, you can get the offer the next day~

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