KCL senior explains in detail the digital marketing major

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

Digital marketing is a discipline that has been gradually established in recent years with the development of the Internet era. It aims to cultivate all-round marketing talents, because traditional marketing methods can no longer meet the needs of brands in the current digital era. In this issue, we invite a senior student from KCL to interview her about her digital marketing study experience.

Application background

Public relations major from 211 colleges in China, average score of 87, IELTS 7, one CRM Intern, one Digital Marketing Intern

Colleges and majors

KCL King London, Digital Marketing MSc Digital Marketing

Reasons for school choice

First of all, KCL’s school ranking and reputation are beyond doubt, which is the reason for choosing the school. The second is the degree of professional relevance. You have studied a large number of related professional courses during your undergraduate period, which is very advantageous when applying. There is also the level of interest in the course, because when I was working in China, dealing with marketing-related work made me want to further my professional knowledge in this area, so I chose digital marketing as one of the majors I applied for.


This major requires a total of 180 credits, which usually includes 5 required courses, 3 elective courses, and an independent research project ( 60 credits). (See Figure 2 for required elective courses.) Many courses will cover some practical content, such as data analysis ( such as Marketing Analytics ). I remember that during my internship, I would involve a lot of data, and then use software to summarize and analyze it. Therefore, when reading later, these are the knowledge that will be consolidated and strengthened again. I prefer Branding as an elective course. The key point is to carefully read the classroom ppt and the reading list after class. This class can systematically reconstruct your knowledge of brand building, and it will also be of great help to students who want to start their own business in the future. .

Study experience

This major is affiliated with the School of Business. It has a lot of theoretical and practical resources available to everyone, including some filed trips for elective courses . You will go with the teacher to visit well-known companies in the UK, which is a very special experience. Of course, because I have done relevant internships before, the content of this course on data analysis will benefit me a lot. Although there are many people who have doubts about this major and think that the new major will be immature, but judging from my entire school year, I have no such idea at all, including the teaching staff, after-school resources and practice. The experience was great.

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