Leeds senior’s experience studying advertising and marketing

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

In the past two issues, we have been interviewing seniors majoring in finance. Today, let us follow senior sister Eileen from the University of Leeds in the UK to experience school life in advertising.

Application background

Double non-advertising major, average score of 81, three related practical skills, IELTS 6 (language class required)

Colleges and majors

Advertising and Marketing MA, University of Leeds

Reasons for school choice

No.1 This major is set up under Leeds Business School and focuses on marketing and branding. Because I hope to do marketing in my future career plan, I chose the latter among the two branches of design and marketing.

No.2 I had both undergraduate degrees and an average score of just over 80. Leeds was considered one of my ideal target schools. I also received an offer from Sheffield at the time, but in the end I chose Leeds based on the courses and school rankings.


In addition to the graduation thesis, there are 8 required courses. There are 5 elective courses. Generally speaking, the courses in this major are more theoretical, and grades are determined based on the mid-term and final paper scores. One of the TOP1 courses is Global Strategic Marketing. The instructor’s teaching ideas are very clear, he can output more content in a shorter time and give me space for thinking. This course is a very rewarding course for me. In fact, for a one-year master's degree, the course pressure is quite high. You have to complete so many courses in just three semesters. Especially at the end of each semester, you will find that you have a due every other day. So I suggest you not to procrastinate! ! Bloody lesson! !


No.1 has a rich curriculum; in addition to professional knowledge about marketing and advertising, it also includes public relations subjects, so this major covers a wide range of content. Depending on your self-study ability and effective use of resources, you will learn a lot. The tutor will share the reading list on everyone's student account. I read almost all the readings and took notes. I would also discuss it with the tutor after class. There is also the school library, which is also a resource that students should make good use of during their studies.

No.2 Qualification Certification; In addition to the advantages of the wide range of courses mentioned above, this course is certified by CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing). After completing the master's course, you can obtain the CIM qualification certificate without taking the exam, which can also be regarded as adding to your resume. .

Tips for studying abroad from the senior students: Studying abroad can be fun and relaxing, or it can be hard studying day and night. It all depends on whether you seize the opportunity this year. Wish you all the best🈸️ !

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