Analysis of pros and cons of topup and master's preparatory courses✅

This may touch some people's cake🍰But because there are so many people asking, everyone has no idea about this thing🧠Let's explain this matter clearly once and for all😮‍💨High energy throughout the whole process, keep up with the pace🦵

What is topup❓ Topup is the so-called junior college to undergraduate degree, which means that you study in a self-study, full-time college in China, and then you come to the UK to study for an undergraduate degree for one year, and then get a so-called undergraduate degree.

What is the Master's Preparatory Course ? ❓The Master's Preparatory Course is a bridge course. It connects your original academic qualifications to a British master's course. You study the same course as other students who apply directly.

topup is suitable for people who are very concerned about whether they have a bachelor's degree limited budget don't care about the school ranking only one year

Analysis of the pros and cons of topup: Topup means that you have to go directly from a stage with no foundation to the final year of the British undergraduate system. It means that you have no language foundation, no academic foundation, and no time to adapt to the environment, at least in the Wanwan seems to be ridiculous here. Wanwan feels that most UUs still want to get a graduate diploma after being drunk. Topup diplomas are not suitable for most schools with QS100-200. Take a closer look: If you enroll in this kind of course, the school will accept your graduate application❌ . Why does this kind of course exist? Isn’t it just for the sake of it? Secondly, most of the top students’ scores are not very good after drunkenness, with more than 50 points. 60 points like this😅 , if you just want to get a bachelor’s degree, then topup will be your choice✅

The Master's Preparatory Course is suitable for those who don't care about a bachelor's degree Sufficient budget Want to attend a prestigious school Those who have worked for many years

Analysis of pros and cons of pre-master's program: Pre-master's program is a bridge course, which means that if you study this year, if you do not enter the second year of graduate school, your year will be of no use, and the Ministry of Education will not recognize it.❌The Ministry of Education will recognize it. This is the stage of the main master’s course. ✅The advantage of the master’s preparatory course is that you can rush to schools such as Glasgow, Birmingham, Durham, and Southampton. Seriously, these schools are the dream schools of many students . ✅Master ’s preparatory course The pass rate is generally high. When going from preparatory course to master's degree, your prerequisite academic qualifications are no longer considered. No matter how many points you got in the test, no matter the list, no matter your work experience, it only depends on the test scores of the preparatory course❗️❗️❗️Remember, only Look at the scores of the preparatory exam ✅You can get admission if you pass it✅

In fact, having said so much, the decision-making power is still in your hands. Whatever you want to apply for, we will help you apply for it . We only provide suggestions for the brick industry, and it is still free of charge .

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