🇬🇧Experience of studying illustration major at UCA

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

What I want to bring today is about 🇬🇧University of Creative Arts❣️ inviting student L to share his study experience.

❓Tell us a little about yourself

❗️My background is a second-class first-class degree in British illustration. I am currently studying for a master's degree at UCA , majoring in illustration.

❓Teaching quality and how is the study experience?

❗️ UCA has three campuses, and my campus is in Farnham . According to my friends and myself, I feel that the teachers here are very responsible and attach great importance to the physical and mental health of students. The quality of teaching is not bad, and they are quite caring. The school's facilities are very new and very friendly to people with disabilities. There are also many studios that can make different artworks. You can make an appointment and have teachers to guide you. I often go to the studio to do some plaster, glass, printmaking, etc. of handwork.

❓Can you introduce your major?

❗️I am studying illustration. This major is neither difficult nor easy. UCA still has a lot of homework. I have to draw and do tutorials every day , and there are papers to write, but studying is just like that. Each project requires constant tutorials with teachers and groups, sharing the process and experiences, listening to the opinions and suggestions of classmates and teachers, which is a good way to practice speaking.

❓What do you think of the school overall?

❗️The biggest advantage of our school is that it is new. I feel that my classmates at school are all very nice and have unique personalities. The environment of the school is very good, the air is great, and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear waters. It is very suitable for calming down and reading. It is perfect for people like me who are always distracted. The teachers and staff are also very kind. Although there may be fewer recreational facilities here, these three campuses are all very close to London, and I often go to London art exhibitions with my classmates. The dormitories are also very cheap, but they are so popular that you need to book them far in advance. There are a lot of vintage clothes and charity shops in the school town. I go shopping every day after class.

That’s all for today’s study experience sharing. If you have any information about 🇬🇧study abroad, please contact Didi on the backend and we will 🆓answer💁🏻‍♂️

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